Program Social Business Days 2018

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9.00-9.30 – Walk-in and registration (Foyer Warande building)

9.30 – 10.30 General opening by Pepijn van Bommel

Pepijn van Bommel will open the Social Business Days 2018 by telling his story.

The shoes of Van Bommel have been an established name in The Netherlands ever since. The footwear maker from Brabant has been well known for its craftsmanship for more than three centuries, the Van Bommel-fathers have handed over their cobbler’s knowledge to their sons for over nine generations now. Therefore, Pepijn was 30 years old when he got responsible for the sales of shoe manufacturer Van Bommel. Not only did he acquire his expertise in Milan but also in Tilburg. Pepijn learnt about social thoroughness in the café and he learnt about analyzing and debating at the university and debate club Cicero. Tilburg University is a place where he loves to come.

And we love to see him here too! With his history at Tilburg University, his knowledge and his expertise he will be present the 7th of march as a speaker to open the Social Business Days 2018!

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10.45 – 12.15 Workshops soft skills

The workshops will focus on personal development and soft-skills. During these workshops you will get the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience. For example by assembling a professional resume, learning the art of applying and getting to know the secret behind effective networking.

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12.30 – 13.15 General lunch

Student who will participate the whole day will be provided with a lunch in the foyer of building Warande.

13.30 – 17.15 Business presentations

The business presentations will be divided in four rounds of 45 minutes. Companies are free to decide how they will present their company in an appealing way. During this part-time you will get to know your future employer! Think of a presentation, working on a case or an interactive lecture. This is the excellent opportunity to discover the true face of the company.

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17.30 – 18.15 Network drink

The day will be closed off with an informal network drink. In the foyer of building W the participating companies all host their own spot where you can meet them once again. While enjoying a little wine and dine you can ask remaining questions or new contacts can be made.

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18.30 – 22.00 Business diner

During the business diner you will experience an interesting evening at Auberge du Bonheur and while enjoying a 4-course menu you will meet with several companies who are looking for you. This is an excellent opportunity to be introduced to multiple companies and expand your network and discuss traineeships and job opportunities.

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